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Professor at Texas A&M University. Author of x=A\b when A is sparse and requires a sparse LU, Choleksy or QR factorization. Author of dmperm, lu (for sparse(A)), chol (sparse A), qr (sparse A), and A*B when either A or B or both are sparse. Author of amd and colamd.
Professional Interests: sparse matrix algorithms, high performance computing, and algorithmic art ( ).


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Mex compiling error 'g++: error: libmwlapack.lib: No such file or directory'
Yikes... that is ugly. I keep having to update the installation process, whenever the MathWorks changes how LAPACK and the BLAS...

12 months ago | 0

What is your unusual use of MATLAB?
I create mathematical artwork, translating music into visual art via MATLAB sparse matrices, FFTs, and an external package (grap...

5 years ago | 2

Sparse matrix memory problem
A real (double precision) sparse matrix of size m-by-n with k nonzeros, on a 64-bit computer, takes precisely 8*(n+1)+16*k bytes...

8 years ago | 0