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Minimum size Neural Network to represent a Boolean Function
A single neuron (with one input and one output) will take the input, multiply it by a weight, add it a bias, pass it through a n...

3 years ago | 0

I have latitude, longitude and Height data in form matrix, then I would plot these values in 3D plot just like how surface looks.
lat and lon are in degrees and height is in meter/kilometers etc. If you want to plot them in the same plot (with |plot3| for ex...

3 years ago | 0

How can I access the file seismic_data.dat mentioned in the "signal analysis made easy"?
You can download such ground motion records online. For instance here is a link to the Turkish strong ground motion database. <...

5 years ago | 0

Replacing NaN with nearest neighbor
A quick and dirty* way is to get the indices of the NaN values and replace them with their immediate neighbors (to the left or r...

6 years ago | 0

Batch inside a Batch
It seems like you are not allowed to change the pool size on the cluster. You can see the effect of the number of cores by chang...

9 years ago | 0

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How to display the Matlab command window data in GUI static text
You create a text box and then you update it like this set(txt_handle,'string','blaaa')

9 years ago | 0