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rupam das

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I am Working In Integrated Ideas Consultancy Services, A R&D firm. My Main responsibilities are to develop prototype of various models specially in image processing.
Professional Interests: Signal Processing, Image Processing


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Cervical Cancer Detection through Segmentation of Pap Smear Images
Color Segmentation and Cancer detection of Pap Smear Images using Matlab

26 days ago | 499 clicks |


Source code for ECG Feature extraction with ST Segment deviation detection in Matlab
It shows Wavelet Decomposition of ECG signal USing DB4 and Feature extraction from the Signal

3 months ago | 2948 clicks |


Self Organizing Map Classifier in Matlab
How to change a unsupervised classifier to a supervised classifier and How to classify using SOM?

1 year ago | 574 clicks |


Simple wavelet based digital steganography
The work helps you keep plain text hidden in images with very high PSNR

5 years ago | 248 clicks |


Simple and Efficient Method for Baseline removal from Real Time ECG Signal using FFT
Simple FFT based technique for removing base line Wonder From Real time ECG data.

5 years ago | 577 clicks |


Really Simple and Easy FFT and Digital Filter Tutorial with Matlab
FFT is integral part of signal processing. This tutorial tries to present FFT in the simplest form.

6 years ago | 1830 clicks |


Simple Gaussian and Nearest Mean Classifier based Image Classification in Matlab
This project is a simple pattern recognition implementation in Matlab for beginners.

6 years ago | 892 clicks |


Image and Mammogram Segmentation using EM algorithm
It detects the calcification in mammogram with the Help of Em segmentation technique

6 years ago | 697 clicks |