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How to read data after a specific word from txt file?
Auwal, if I have a series of files in a directory, e.g. data1.txt, data2.txt, data3.txt, etc., I can use the directory command t...

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How to average 5 rows of a matrix iteratively?
I am unsure whether you want to average rows 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, etc., or rows 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc. I assume the number of rows in...

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Change in linprog.m output?
I use the following code to fit multiple data sets using linprog.m. for k=1:nsets b = [data(:,k)+2*noise; -data(...

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Replacing 1 table cell value with a corresponding table cell value
This may not be the fastest method, but it works (I've replaced "PXY7' with 's'): B1={'a';'s';'b'}; B2={'b';'s';'a'}; ...

2 years ago | 0

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Adding Random phase causes fft anomalies?
If you are trying to randomly shift the phase of the sinusoids, sin(2*pi.*f(a) .* dt), then random_phase should be a scalar. Wh...

2 years ago | 0

What is the most efficient way to find the position in the column of a matrix where the value drops below a given threshold (values are constantly decreasing down the columns)?
Similar to the previous answer, but without the meshgrid: largelogical = largematrix <= 1; [value, index] = max(largelog...

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How to plot the difference between y components for all x?
Hi, I think this does what you are looking for: plot(t, iEc, '-or', t, Ec, '-ob', [t; t], [iEc; Ec], '-k') str = num2...

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