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Using rgb2ind for colour animated gif
I have a workaround but this is a request for something more elegant. I'd like to write a colour animated gif from a series of ...

1 year ago | 1 answer | 0



Alternative to 'findpeaks'
Did anyone actually look at the results from the FileExchange? Most of submissions call the findpeaks function from within the ...

1 year ago | 2

appending data to scatter(x,y)
I would like to add scatter points to a plot during a loop to visualise the process I'm running. I currently use hold on, and s...

1 year ago | 0

How to make the marker size in a scatter plot 'to scale' with the axes?
I'd like this functionality too, but I would like the simplicity of being able to pick an "absolute size" drawn in one (or more)...

1 year ago | 1

delete element from vector
really crude, but if you wanted to remove a row defined by and index, rather than a value, you could do something like this: fu...

2 years ago | 1


Instrument control through deployed web app
I suspect the answer to this is no but... I'm toying with the idea of deploying web apps to control some of our experments (rat...

4 years ago | 0 answers | 0



VideoReader support for 10-bit h.264 MP4 files
It's the middle of 2019... I personally don't think that VideoReader not supporting 10bit content is an "Acceptable answer". Do...

4 years ago | 0

Cannot read serial port data with Matlab R2010a
I know this issue dates back from 2011 but I had the same problem yesterday and had to dig up the manual - might save someone el...

9 years ago | 0