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Using FGETL to skip 2 header lines
A good way to read data from text files with headers is with the |textscan| function. When calling |textscan|, you an specify a...

8 years ago | 0

Find values and replace them with NaN, add total number of NaN values.
To replace all -9999 values with NaN, you can do: mintemp(mintemp == -9999) = NaN; If you have Statistics Toolbox, you...

8 years ago | 3

| accepted

location of non zeros
Use the logical ~= (not equal). This is not an assignment, but rather a test to see where two things are not equal to each othe...

8 years ago | 0

What is the syntax for subscripts in a plot text box?
UICONTROL objects do not support LaTeX or TeX markup. If you search "uicontrol tex" or "uicontrol latex" on Google, you will se...

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