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Genetic optimization of a Mamdani-Type fuzzy system
The submitted set of scripts performs tuning of a Mamdani-Type FIS by using the genetic algorithm.

15 days ago | 20 downloads |

How do I exit a loop with a key hit?
The answer of Jan is almost correct - only one code line is missing: ButtonHandle = uicontrol('Style', 'PushButton', .....

1 month ago | 0


The enhanced Wu-Mendel approach for linguistic summarization
This submission is to reserve a permanent hyperlink, which is to be used in some articles.

3 months ago | 0 downloads |


Say something funny
Say something funny, or not. Your solution will be (fully automatically and objectively) scored based on how clever or funny ...

6 months ago


The toolbox for the Wu-Mendel linguistic summarization approach
The toolbox for linguistic summarization of datasets by using IF-THEN rules is submitted.

7 months ago | 1 download |


Remove the two elements next to NaN value
The aim is to *remove the two elements next to NaN values* inside a vector. For example: x = [6 10 5 8 9 NaN 23 9 7 3 21 ...

8 months ago


Check if number exists in vector
Return 1 if number _a_ exists in vector _b_ otherwise return 0. a = 3; b = [1,2,4]; Returns 0. a = 3; b = [1,...

8 months ago


Sum all integers from 1 to 2^n
Given the number x, y must be the summation of all integers from 1 to 2^x. For instance if x=2 then y must be 1+2+3+4=10.

8 months ago


Human skin detection system
The presented skin detection system recognizes skin areas in the photos

8 months ago | 9 downloads |


How to run scripts (not functions) with predefined user inputs?
There are several scripts in MATLAB with some user inputs (for example, x=input('Enter x: ')). The scripts cannot be executed a...

1 year ago | 1 answer | 0