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Adam Danz

University of Rochester

Last seen: 1 day ago Active since 2014

Email: feel free to contact me regarding my shared files on the file exchange. I don't do free consulting outside of the forum so if you have a Matlab question, post the question to the forum and you may email me the link to the question.

About me: Finishing PhD soon on topics related to vision science; neurophysiology; sensory-motor feedback and control; control systems; steering & navigation; multisensory integration; top-down bottom-up feedback loop.

"If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution." -Albert Einstein

"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." -Niels Bohr

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late" - Reid Hoffman


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New in MATLAB R2021a: Auto rotation of axis tick labels
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/5228/data>> *Starting in MATLAB R2021a axis tick labels will auto-rotate to avoid...

2 months ago | 7


Four New App Features in MATLAB R2021a
*Four (of many) new features for Apps in MATLAB R2021a* These four new features are the solutions to many inquiries in the An...

3 months ago | 5


New in R2021a: LimitsChangedFcn
*New in R2021a, |<

4 months ago | 5


New in R2021a: Name=Value syntax

4 months ago | 6


New in R2021a: Improvements to tiled chart layout
|< tiledlayout>|, introduced in MATLAB R2019b, offers a flexible way t...

4 months ago | 6


Happy St. Patrick's Day - simple emoticon & animation demo
*Did you know you can use most emoticons in text objects?* Most emoticons are just < unicode charac...

5 months ago | 6


New in R2021a: Capture disp() output as a string
We've all been there. You've got some kind of output that displays perfectly in the command window and you just want to capture...

5 months ago | 8


New in R2020b: Record snapshots of your app
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/2223/commHighlighIconSmall.png>> # Use the new exportapp function to capture an i...

9 months ago | 7


New in R2020b: new way to return height or width of arrays
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/2166/2020b_heightwidth_img.png>> Prior to r2020b the height (number of rows) and ...

10 months ago | 6


New in R2020b: Two new marker symbols
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/1804/MarkerSyms.png>> ' The <

10 months ago | 12


New in r2020b: Subtitles & Title/Label Alignment
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/1744/mainImg.png>> *Add a subtitle* Multi-lined titles have been supported for...

10 months ago | 14


New in R2020a: Mouse Pointer control in apps & uifigures
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/1606/pointers.bmp>> *<

1 year ago | 12


New in R2020a: App button animation & truecolor images
<</matlabcentral/discussions/uploaded_files/1021/demoApp.gif>> *Starting in r2020a, AppDesigner <

1 year ago | 20


National volunteer week: Standing on the shoulders of giants
This week is < National Volunteer Week> in the USA and Canada and to celebrate, I’d like to pa...

1 year ago | 11


New in r2020a: leap seconds
New to r2020a, |< leapseconds()>| creates a table showing all leap sec...

1 year ago | 6


New in r2020a: functions to analyze timetable ranges
Do date ranges from two different timetables intersect? Is a specific datetime value within the range of a timetable? Is ...

1 year ago | 8