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I am a retired research engineer and educator.
I spent 30 years in engineering R&D with 3 major Fortune 500 companies, and 5 years as an Associate Visiting Professor in mechanical engineering.
I hold Eng. Sc. D. (Ph.D.) from Columbia University, and 3 patents.
My main areas of interest include numerical computational methods.


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Find real roots (or zeros) of a continuous function
This program finds the real roots (or zeros) of a continuous function.

15 days ago | 6 downloads |


Projectile Simulation with aerodynamic drag
Euler's method is used to simulate the flight of a drag force influenced projectile, launched at a specified height, velocity an...

19 days ago | 4 downloads |


Synthetic Division with Matlab
Purpose: Perform synthetic division of the rational function N(x)/D(x), where N(x) is a polynomial and D(x) is of the form...

3 months ago | 1 download |


Integrated trapezoidal and Gauss quadrature
Use a combined trapezoidal rule and Gauss quadrature to integrate f(x) in the interval x=[a,b]. f(x) is not necessarily equispa...

5 months ago | 0 downloads |