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How do I create RAW image files in MATLAB?
To have the image in the correct postion, use matrix transpose in the fwrite. cmodel=(zeros(300,100,1)); fid=fopen('blackim...

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Decompress (color) JPG struct read via Phil Sallee's jpg toolbox to spatial domain
You can not move back and forth between DCT and RGB without loss, due to quantization, rounding, and truncation. The reconstract...

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Do you convert the output of DCT Steganography from double into uint8 then to double again before extracting the hidden message?
In Matlab environment, do you export the output of the Inverse DCT from double to uint8 (to write an image file jpg, png, bmp et...

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How to mirror matrix on the diagonal?
you can do the following: first, transpose the matrix A = table.'; Flip it horizontally A = flip (A,1); then, flip it vert...

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Stegnaography using DCT
First, you are not doing quantization to remove the samller DCT coefficients after that you can change LSB by masking it and and...

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