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Eduard Polityko

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Professional Interests: image recognition, speech recognition


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Fuzzy Search
The function finds substrings of a reference string that match a pattern string approximately

16 days ago | 4 downloads |


Confusion Matrix and its Derivations
Builds confusion matrix, tables of confusion and derivations for each class and for all population

1 year ago | 1 download |


Word Error Rate
The function calculates WER between word sequences H (hypothesis) and R (reference).

2 years ago | 2 downloads |


Formation of signal corrupted with noise
Function forms a signal corrupted with noise and signal-to-noise ratio has a specified value

5 years ago | 2 downloads |



Formation of Audio Signal Corrupted with Noise
Function forms an audio signal corrupted with noise and signal-to-noise ratio has a specified value

6 years ago | 1 download |


Calculation of Pareto points
Function is intended for detecting Pareto points.

9 years ago | 21 downloads |


Calculation of distance between strings
A function computes Levenshtein and editor distances with use of Vagner-Fisher algorithm.

10 years ago | 13 downloads |


Path Tracing, Measurements, Fragmentation for Doubly-Connected Spot
Path tracing for 1- and 2-connected pixel sets. Elimination of intersection points and dead ends.

11 years ago | 1 download |


Path Tracing, Measuarement, Fragmentation
Get borders of multiple spot image as numeric array, various measurements, fragmentation, extraction

11 years ago | 6 downloads |


Spot Border Detection
Spot on image ? get border as numeric array and a number of measurements of a spot and a border

11 years ago | 2 downloads |