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I am a member of the MATLAB Central team. I work with other MATLAB Central Team members to develop our community and our community site to better serve our members. If you have questions or comments about our site or our community, please drop me a note.
Professional Interests: online communities, collaborative technologies


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MATLAB Downloads
Downloads for all MATLAB products. Requires login.

7 hours ago | 10197 clicks |


MIR Toolbox
Functions for the extraction of musical features from audio files. From the University of Jyväskylä.

4 days ago | 1235 clicks |


mGstat : A Geostatistical Matlab toolbox
mGstat aims to be a geostatistical toolbox for Matlab.

4 months ago | 1110 clicks |


Putting PCA to Work
PCA overview 1. pre-processing for empirical modeling, 2. data compression and 3. noise suppression.

4 months ago | 888 clicks |


Simulink / Matlab Video Tutorial and Example – Low Pass Filter – Bode Plots (Part 2)
Introductory video from www.FreedomUniversity.TV describing a low pass filter LPF

6 months ago | 973 clicks |


A MATLAB toolbox implementing Level Set Methods
By Baris Sumengen, Vision Research Lab at UC Santa Barbara

6 months ago | 901 clicks |


Show an image in a MATLAB 3D surface plot with a separate colormap
A wiki tutorial by Peter Yu, formerly with the Univ of Waterloo

7 months ago | 1494 clicks |


EEGLAB Open Source MATLAB Toolbox for Physiological Research
By Scott Makeig at Institute for Neural Computation, UC San Diego

7 months ago | 351 clicks |


Improving Grid Power Quality With FACTS Device on Integration of Wind Energy System
A student article by Yuvaraj V at Student Pulse Magazine

8 months ago | 1041 clicks |


SUrrogate MOdeling (SUMO) Toolbox
From IBCN research group of the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) at Ghent University.

1 year ago | 1053 clicks |


File Exchange 2.0: Submit a File
Video walkthrough of how to submit a file on the new File Exchange

1 year ago | 0 downloads |


Spatial Audio Matlab Toolbox v 1.0
By Dimitar Kostadinov and Joshua D. Reiss at the Queen Mary University of London

1 year ago | 871 clicks |


A MATLAB toolbox for the time-domain simulation of acoustic wave fields
By Bradley Treeby (Australian National University) and Ben Cox (University College London)

1 year ago | 1308 clicks |


Arduino to Matlab – Read in sensor data!
M-code and screenshot from Erin, RobotGrrl

2 years ago | 5036 clicks |


Analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy signals by Bio Imaging Signal Processing lab, KAIST, Korea.

2 years ago | 510 clicks |


Approaches To Control
A Java API to control and interact with MATLAB

2 years ago | 43 clicks |


modulation-spectrum audio coding in MATLAB
Marios Athineos from LabROSA @ Columbia University shares code and sample sound clips

2 years ago | 436 clicks |


Nonlinear PCA toolbox for MATLAB
By Matthias Scholz at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald

2 years ago | 1022 clicks |


Piotr's Image & Video Toolbox for Matlab
Video and image manipulation by Piotr Dollar and Vincent Rabaud at UC San Diego.

2 years ago | 1470 clicks |


XMLTree: an XML toolbox for MATLAB
A parser by Guillaume Flandin

3 years ago | 1062 clicks |


Computer Vision in Matlab
A blog post from Seeeing and Believing

4 years ago | 215 clicks |


Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas
Website accompanies book by Sophocles J. Orfanidis

4 years ago | 442 clicks |


Computer vision resources
A blog post by Young Hoon Lee

4 years ago | 83 clicks |


Think engines blog by Zilani
MATLAB, Simulink and robotics tutorials

5 years ago | 86 clicks |


MATLAB Tutorial including principal components analysis
Written by Matt Daily in the AI Lab, Comp Sci and Engineering, UC San Diego

5 years ago | 2137 clicks |


Rotations in 3D with Matrices
A blog post from Stand back...I'm going to try science!

5 years ago | 138 clicks |


An application of Genetic Algorithm to solve N-Queens Problem
A blog post by Ashraf Uddin at Program to Have Fun

5 years ago | 439 clicks |


Designing A Custom Neural Network In MATLAB
Blog post by Romaine Carter

5 years ago | 589 clicks |


Exact wavelets on the ball
routines for fast wavelet analysis of signals on the ball using the Flaglet transform (ArXiv | DOI)

5 years ago | 23 clicks |


Re: Fall 2012 MATLAB Contest: October 31 - November 7
Dear MATLAB Community - I just want to add a big congratulations from the MATLAB contest team to Raphaël Candelier on his cont...

5 years ago | 8841 views

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