Design and simulate the physical layer of communications systems

Communications System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and apps for the analysis, design, end-to-end simulation, and verification of communications systems in MATLAB® and Simulink®. Toolbox algorithms, including channel coding, modulation, MIMO, and OFDM, enable you to compose a physical layer model of your system. You can simulate your models to measure performance.

The system toolbox provides constellation and eye diagrams, bit-error-rate, and other analysis tools and scopes for validating your designs. These tools enable you to analyze signals, visualize channel characteristics, and obtain performance metrics such as error vector magnitude (EVM). Channel and RF impairment models and compensation algorithms, including carrier and symbol timing synchronizers, enable you to realistically model your link-level specifications and compensate for the effects of channel degradations.

Using Communications System Toolbox hardware support packages, you can connect your transmitter and receiver models to radio devices and verify your designs with over-the-air testing. The system toolbox supports fixed-point arithmetic and C or HDL code generation.

Algorithms are available as MATLAB functions, System objects™, and Simulink blocks.


End-to-End Simulation

Simulate link-level models of communications systems.

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Channel Modeling and RF Impairments

Use algorithms and tools for modeling noise, fading, interference, and other distortions. Model a number of RF impairments.

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Hardware Connectivity and Software-Defined Radio

Connect your transmitter and receiver models to external radio devices.

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Measurement, Analysis, and Verification

Analyze system response to the noise and interference, study its behavior, and determine whether the resulting performance meets standards.

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Synchronization and Receiver Design

Address issues such as timing recovery, synchronization, and time-domain and frequency-domain equalization.

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Significantly speed up simulations of your communications models.

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Code Generation and Implementation

Perform fixed-point modeling and automatically generate C code.

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Communications System Toolbox requires: DSP System Toolbox, MATLAB, Signal Processing Toolbox

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