Build standalone applications from MATLAB programs

MATLAB Compiler™ lets you share MATLAB® programs as standalone applications. You can also create Microsoft Excel® add-ins and integrate them into Excel spreadsheets or package MATLAB apps and share them using a web browser. MATLAB based web apps are hosted on the MATLAB Web App Server provided with MATLAB Compiler.

When you use MATLAB Compiler with MATLAB Compiler SDK™, you can package MATLAB programs into software components for integration with other programming languages. Large-scale deployment to enterprise systems is supported through MATLAB Production Server™.

All applications created with MATLAB Compiler use the MATLAB Runtime, which enables royalty-free deployment to users who do not need MATLAB. You can package the runtime with the application, or have your users download it during installation.

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Royalty-Free Sharing with Colleagues and Customers

Package MATLAB programs for distribution to end users who do not use MATLAB.

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Sharing MATLAB Programs as Standalone Applications

Share your work with MATLAB users by giving them your programs or apps. Share with those who may not use MATLAB by creating standalone applications.

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Sharing MATLAB Programs with Excel Users

Package MATLAB programs as Microsoft Excel add-ins and integrate them into Excel spreadsheets.

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Apps for Packaging Your MATLAB Programs Interactively

Use scripted packaging and MATLAB apps to interactively package your applications.

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Download MATLAB Runtime

Run compiled MATLAB applications or components without installing MATLAB.


MATLAB Compiler apps enable you to quickly access common tasks through an interactive interface.

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Build standalone applications and software components from MATLAB programs using MATLAB Compiler

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