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MATLAB Compiler

Latest Releases

R2015aSP1 (Version 6.0.1) - 14 Oct 2015

Version 6.0.1, part of Release 2015aSP1, includes bug fixes.

See the Release Notes for details.

R2015b (Version 6.1) - 3 Sep 2015

Version 6.1, part of Release 2015b, includes the following enhancements:

  • 32-bit Excel Add-In Compatibility: Create Excel add-ins in a 64-bit MATLAB that are capable of running in 32-bit Microsoft Office.
  • Hadoop Support for ImageDatastore: Deploy Hadoop packages with data imported from image collections that are too large to fit in memory​

See the Release Notes for details.

R2015a (Version 6.0) - 5 Mar 2015

Version 6.0, part of Release 2015a, includes the following enhancements:

  • MATLAB Compiler and builders repackaged as MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK
  • Generation of an application-specific MATLAB Runtime based on requirements for numeric, graphic, and GPU support
  • MATLAB Compiler support for MATLAB objects for Hadoop integration

See the Release Notes for details.

R2014b (Version 5.2) - 2 Oct 2014

Version 5.2, part of Release 2014b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Deployable applications and libraries for Hadoop using MATLAB MapReduce

See the Release Notes for details.

R2014a (Version 5.1) - 6 Mar 2014

Version 5.1, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Faster packaging of compiled applications and libraries
  • Packaging of hardware support packages using the toolstrip user interface

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013b (Version 5.0) - 5 Sep 2013

Version 5.0, part of Release 2013b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Automatic download of version- and platform-specific MATLAB Compiler Runtime from MathWorks website
  • Toolstrip-style user interface for MATLAB Compiler apps
  • Customizable installers for deployed applications and libraries, including graphics, splash screen, and icons

See the Release Notes for details.