Automatic controller design and automatic robust controller design


  • Desired time-domain closed loop behavior is considered
  • Computes parameters for the Anti-Reset-Windup compensator structure
  • Stability of closed loop is guaranteed
  • Considers additional plant models for robust controller design
  • Optional optimization for disturbance rejection or reference behavior


ACD automatically calculates the parameters for well-known compensator types (P, PI, PD, PID) or alternatively for a generalized controller of user-defined order. The controller parameters are optimized with respect to a plant model and additional user options. The desired time-domain closed loop behavior is considered and may be defined graphically by a goal curve for the desired closed loop step response. Additionally, ACD provides the parameters for an ti-Reset-Windup compensator structure to avoid undesired windup effects of compensators with integral parts. For robust controller design, up to three plant model transfer functions can be considered additionally for calculating optimized robust controller parameters.

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