AlphaLab SnR

Multichannel workstation with data acquisition and stimulation capabilities for neuroscience applications with free-moving and restrained subjects


  • Versatility and scalability with 16 to 128 channels
  • Complete closed-loop, online data streaming capabilities
  • Experimental control with programmable DSPs
  • Real-time communication with MATLAB
  • Experimental integrity with minimal noise and impedance monitoring
  • One-click impedance check on all channels


The AlphaLab SnR utilizes integrated, advanced stimulation sources to deliver complex, unique stimulation patterns. Researchers have absolute control to trigger and control stimulation based on an external analysis or behavioral system, digital inputs, threshold crossings, template matches, or other user-defined criteria. A high saturation point and advanced hardware components give you the ability to stimulate and record simultaneously without experiencing the typical stimulation switching blind spot. 

This system offers scalability and flexibility to meet your specific needs. The system can be configured with 16 to 128 channels. A user-friendly, customizable software interface allows you to command the entire experiment from a single workstation. You can manage data from a large number of spike and LFP channels, as well as analog and digital inputs from video tracking, behavioral, or other external systems. Onboard user-programmable DSPs give you the tools to create closed-loop applications with online communication. This real-time control of our software can be controlled with MATLAB.

AlphaLab SnR provides a MATLAB connection to stream neurological data for online data analysis. You can control the basic functions of the system, like recording, saving, stimulation, or impedance check, with MATLAB. The communication link is established through a DLL which is converted into a MATLAB compatible MEX file.

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