No-Hooks/OnTarget Rapid Prototyping

A tool for bypass rapid prototyping


  • Bypass variables with calibratable parameters using No-Hooks or Simulink control model outputs
  • Conduct rapid prototyping on production-intent hardware
  • Add new control algorithm code with no need to access or modify the original ECU source code
  • Simultaneously view the original and the bypassed value
  • Enable/disable each variable bypass globally
  • Add ATI Model Browser Toolkit to navigate subsystem images of the model


ATI’s patented No-Hooks™ rapid prototyping software allows you to adjust ECU-controlled global RAM variables. The addition of OnTarget™ expands that capability by replacing or bypassing the original ECU code with custom model-based control algorithm code. This controls the selected RAM variables on the ECU under test. There is no need to access or modify the ECU source code. All you need is the ECU executable and description files.

OnTarget was designed for use with Simulink® models to develop alternative control algorithms. You can bypass variables with outputs from Simulink. This allows you to add new control algorithms to the existing ECU code without modifying original source code. The No-Hooks/OnTarget bypass runs inline with the rest of the original code on the target ECU. There is no need for data transfer protocols, or for the resulting delay of running the bypass on external devices. This translates to virtually no latency. OnTarget includes the appropriate Simulink block sets and target build files for generating C code using Simulink Coder™. It also includes block sets and target build files so you can use compilers like ATI GNU to compile code for supported microprocessors.  

You can use No-Hooks/OnTarget in electronic control unit development, calibration, software verification, and diagnostics. Examples include:

  • Creating new functions or features by adding or modifying existing functions in the ECU
  • Replicating software functions from other models
  • Disconnecting a device without having to physically disconnect it
  • Adjusting noncalibratable variables to avoid physical and expensive changes to the software, hardware, or connections in order to force conditions or values

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