System engineering toolset for hardware, software and mechanical modeling


  • Virtual Processor Model speed of 200 million instructions per second
  • Complete timing accuracy
  • Full visibility of all processor registers
  • Architectural exploration
  • Hardware/software partitioning analysis


CoMET is a co-design tool that supports hardware/software co-design, co-simulation, and co-verification. The software co-simulation speed of a CoMET Virtual Processor Model (VPM) is 200 million instructions per second. CoMET runs with Verilog or VHDL simulators and maintains absolutely accurate timing across the hardware/software boundary. CoMET is built to support the coding of applications and operating systems in C or assembly code and to execute many millions of software instructions in embedded and/or multiple-CPU environments, while developing application-specific hardware in Verilog or VHDL. CoMET is a true, fast-iteration, virtual prototyping tool.

CoMET is typically used by designers of system-on-chip ICs with one or more embedded processors. The seamless connection to MATLAB and Simulink allows CoMET to add mechanical and DSP simulation to hardware/software co-design. For example, CoMET can run full system simulations of an automobile subsystem including the mechanical connections/motion along with the operation of the ECU and application software.

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  • Data Analysis Tools
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  • Digital Signal Processing
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  • System Modeling and Simulation


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