dSPACE Simulator

Turnkey systems for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation


  • Comprehensive and fast ECU and software tests in a virtual environment
  • Integration of engine and vehicle dynamics models from MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Ability to improve quality at an early stage and avoid recall campaigns
  • Significantly shorter development times
  • Powerful and robust hardware systems
  • Software for implementation, experiment and platform management, automation, and 3-D animation


dSPACE® Simulator® enables you to test new electronic control units (ECUs) and software largely in a virtual environment, without real vehicles or prototypes. Such tests are very systematic and completely safe, even when critical thresholds are exceeded, while reproducing ECU errors whenever and however required. The tight integration of dSPACE software and MATLAB and Simulink provides a powerful development environment. After developing a simulation model in Simulink, you can test it with ControlDesk's Simulink Interface and then in real time on dSPACE Simulator--with the same layouts, test scripts, and parameter sets. You can seamlessly transition your Simulink block diagram to dSPACE Simulator hardware via code generated from Simulink Coder and dSPACE Real-Time Interface.

dSPACE offers open Simulink models for HIL simulation that give life to your dSPACE Simulator. The Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs) are complete and independent models that support all the relevant phases of Model-Based Design. They are available for standard automotive applications including diesel engine, gasoline engine, and vehicle dynamics. You can also use your own simulation models or third-party models, such as those from TESIS DYNAware, a dSPACE partner.

Customer applications include:

  • Complete virtual vehicles with all ECUs of a vehicle (or vehicle platform)
  • Aircraft engines
  • Engine management for up to 12-cylinder engines
  • Automatic transmission
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Antilock braking systems (ABS)


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