Franka Emika Robots

Simulink library for interfacing with the Franka Emika robot


  • Intuitive real-time control of the Franka Emika robot through Simulink®
  • Interactive UI covering all of the libfranka control modes and corresponding robot options and settings 
  • Integrated with MATLAB® and Simulink tools for one-click code generation, build, and execution
  • Support for external mode for on-the-fly model adaptation, signal logging, and instrumentation 
  • Support for the Franka Hand gripper 
  • Advanced set of examples


Robot control with Simulink is made easy. This product is aimed at researchers who are using Simulink for robotics applications and looking for a quick, intuitive, and robust way to evaluate their algorithms on the real robot. The Franka library for Simulink provides all of the necessary control options and signals from the robot to get started quickly without the need to worry about any deployment issues. A rich toolchain of MATLAB scripts and a set of UI elements in Simulink are provided so that the user can incorporate any Simulink models quickly, deploy them, and execute them with the click of a button. Instrumentation is possible through external mode. An extensive list of advanced Simulink demos is provided as well, covering most of the possibilities for controlling the Franka Emika robot.

The Franka interface to Simulink is a blockset, implemented as a set of Level-2 C/C++ S-functions that fully utilize the libfranka C++ library and provide low-level control of Franka Emika research robots. Essentially, the whole toolchain is building a standalone executable for Linux® (GRT or ERT tested), with the option for external mode for controlling the robot.

Franka Emika—a deep-tech company from Munich, Germany—redefined robotics with its advanced robotic power tool. In pursuit of high performance and accessibility, the company has combined human-centered design with trustworthy German engineering, giving rise to a masterpiece of technology. High mechatronic integration and exceptional soft-robot performance as well as advanced and extendable functionality ensure usability, affordability, and scalability.


Franka Emika

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