Franka Toolbox for MATLAB

MATLAB and Simulink libraries for interfacing the Franka robot


  • Intuitive real-time control of the Franka robot from Simulink® with one-click code generation, build, and execution
  • Set of high-level MATLAB® commands for reading the robot state & execution of trajectories
  • RRT pick-and-place example demonstrating integration with the Robotics System Toolbox
  • Support for external mode for on-the-fly model adaptation, signal logging, and instrumentation
  • Support for the Franka Hand, Franka Robotics' 2-finger gripper
  • Extensive list of examples for controlling the Franka robot, including Simulink demos and MATLAB code to build upon


Franka Toolbox for MATLAB® provides all necessary control options and signals from the Franka robot system, resulting in a quick, intuitive, and robust way for researchers who are using Simulink for robotics applications to evaluate their algorithms on the robot. The Franka library for Simulink enables researchers to get started quickly without the need to worry about any deployment issues. Users can incorporate any Simulink models quickly, deploying and executing them with a click of a button through Simulink Coder. Instrumentation is possible through external mode. An extensive list of advanced Simulink demos is provided as well, covering most of the possibilities for controlling the Franka robot. Additionally, a set of high-level MATLAB commands allow for quick robot state examination, trajectory evaluation and automatic error recovery.

About Franka Robotics

Founded in 2016, Franka is a robotics platform company based in Munich with manufacturing facilities in Bavaria. The Franka robot platform is extensively used in research and beyond, due to its unique control interface, human-like sense of touch technology, and large community of robotics and AI researchers and disruptors.


Franka Robotics

Frei-Otto-Straße 20
80797 Munich
Tel: +49-89-2006069-20

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