Grating Diffraction Calculator

Design and simulation of diffraction gratings and periodic structures: Software tools and consulting service


  • Highly efficient, optimized algorithms and code
  • All grating types (multilayer, biperiodic, form-birefringent, etc.)
  • Advanced parameterization capability (any number of grating parameters)
  • Online-downloadable code with full documentation of theory and methods
  • Excellent resource for research and education


GD-Calc, the Grating Diffraction Calculator™, computes optical diffraction efficiencies of diffraction gratings and periodic structures comprising linear, isotropic, and non-magnetic optical media, based on a generalized variant of rigorous coupled-wave (RCW) diffraction theory. Engineers, scientific programmers, researchers, and students with an interest in optics will find GD-Calc and the accompanying documentation to be a very useful resource for diffraction grating analysis.

GD-Calc is implemented entirely in MATLAB, providing a convenient, user-modifiable interface, and making it easy to incorporate grating components in MATLAB-based system simulation models. The code and documentation provide a wealth of technical and instructional information and computational capabilities for a broad range of grating types. GD-Calc is available online at no charge. KJ Innovation offers support and consulting services relating to customized simulation, design, and optimization of grating structures using GD-Calc and other more advanced software tools.

GD-Calc is available for download on Code Ocean.

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  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Optics
  • System Modeling and Simulation


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