Gearshift Quality Assessment System

In-vehicle gearshift quality data acquisition and analysis system


  • In-vehicle test equipment for gearshift quality measurement
  • Data logging of gearshift forces, travels, speeds, and lubricant temperatures
  • Analog signals through an A/D card into MATLAB via MEX-files
  • MATLAB based software applications--GDAS for data acquisition and OGAS for data analysis
  • Data broken up into individual shifts for analysis
  • Objective measurements and statistics derived from data for interpretation


The Gearshift Quality Assessment System is a complete system used by the automotive industry to obtain objective measurements to classify manual gearshifts for gearbox development and competitive benchmarking. The system consists of data acquisition hardware, transducers, signal conditioning, and an A/D card. MATLAB C-MEX files are used as the common language between the A/D card and the MATLAB environment of GDAS, the data acquisition software. Gearshift data is collected and stored by GDAS, then broken down by the OGAS analysis software into measurements and statistical data for interpretation by engineers.

This system can be used by automotive manufacturers for product and competitive benchmarking of vehicle gearshift quality; by powertrain developers for design and development of gearshift mechanisms, linkages, and control; and by synchronizer manufacturers for design and development of synchronizer mechanisms, materials, and manufacture.


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