Genix - Signal Conditioning System

Software-configurable signal conditioning system for HIL systems


  • Protects expensive real-time simulation hardware
  • Allows rapid implementation of HIL simulation systems
  • Offers customized signal conditioning, designed and implemented in minutes
  • Provides real world voltages and currents
  • 4 to 3,000 channels, each fully configurable under software control
  • Reconfigurable in real-time from within simulation


Genix, developed by add2 Limited, is a modular multi-channel generic interface offering up to 3,000 channels of flexible signal conditioning. It provides a flexible foundation for add2's Genix for Simulink Real-Time and MICROGen MPC555-based controller products, or can act as a front end for standard PC boards.

Using a Windows setup screen, each channel can be fully configured (analog or digital, input or output) with selectable gain, signal levels, and loading. Genix eliminates the delay incurred when custom signal conditioning is required to match real world voltages and currents to the low level signals of computer based testing devices.

Genix can be used in a wide array of applications to implement HIL testing, rapid prototyping systems, and data acquisition or control applications that require signal conditioning. Genix aids the rapid hardware implementation of Simulink applications, and, when used with standard PC cards, Simulink Real-Time, or MPC555 processor based boards, offers a complete solution to HIL-type applications.

Genix is delivered as a complete system. add2 provides all the needed MathWorks products with this system.

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Product Type

  • Rapid Prototyping and HIL Systems


  • Control Systems
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  • HIL simulation and rapid prototyping


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