GPS Software Toolbox

Design, analysis, and simulation tools for Global Positioning System


  • Comprehensive set of design and analysis GPS tools
  • Almanac and ephemeris data processing from Yuma and SEM formats
  • Weighted least squares position fixes, pseudorange, and carrier phase analysis
  • Basic and advanced RAIM/FDE functions including HPL and HEL determination
  • RINEX 2 data processing, including the position determination
  • GPS receiver evaluation and specialized functions including pseudorange smoothing


GPS Software Toolbox is a library of MATLAB code file modules and programs used for Global Positioning System (GPS) simulation, design, and analysis applications. Main topics include: GPS related constants and conversion factors; angle and coordinate transformations; specialized plotting programs; specialized statistical functions; signal processing and Kalman filter functions; GPS time utilities and related functions; GPS almanac and other data processing functions; trajectory and related utilities; satellite position and velocity computation; elevation and azimuth determination; satellite visibility; DOPs computation, satellite selection and related functions; pseudorange and deltarange determination, and related functions; determination of user's position and related functions; RINEX 2 data processing and position determination; basic and advanced RAIM/FDE functions; and GPS receiver evaluation functions.

The new expanded version 4 contains more than 200 MATLAB code files. A 200-page user's guide and reference manual presents detailed documentation for each module and program included in the library, along with a complete reference table. There are more than 31 fully explained examples (in excess of 80 pages) with input and output data, and generated plots. In addition, supporting sources files for all examples are included with the product. A free demo, complete list of functions, and general presentation are available upon request.

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Required Products


  • Macintosh
  • UNIX
  • Windows


  • E-mail
  • System integration
  • Telephone

Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • GPS, Mapping and Navigation
  • Satellite navigation


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Communication Infrastructure