Virtual test system for automotive ECUs


  • Modular software; modular hardware
  • Supports MATLAB, Simulink, and Simulink Coder
  • Detailed models of vehicle dynamics, diesel and gasoline engines implemented in Simulink
  • Advanced automation features
  • Comprehensive testing of on-board diagnostics
  • Integrated with INCA calibration tools


Screenshot of LABCAR graphical user environment.

LABCAR products are used for laboratory tests of automotive control systems (ECUs). According to test conditions, LABCAR stimulates the ECU via sensor inputs and network ports. This allows users to observe and to measure the ECUs response in absence of physical vehicle. In essence, LABCAR simulates a real vehicle, making the ECU under test believe that it is in its real operating environment. A typical LABCAR installation consists of four components: software to control the experiments, hardware to stimulate and measure the ECU inputs and outputs, models in Simulink or Stateflow to describe the system being controlled by the ECU under test, and software to create and automatically execute complex test scenarios.

Developers can test the ECU in all realistic operating and fault conditions with perfect repeatability and in improbable and dangerous conditions before live driving situations. For a lot of tests, LABCAR can replace physical prototypes of engines, transmissions, brakes. With LABCAR, developers can test early and fast. OEMs and Tier-One's rely on ETAS' experience with automotive ECU testing to accelerate ECU development and to help mitigate exposure to warranty repairs, recall, and liability suits.


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