MATLAB and Simulink algorithms in a programmable logic controller (PLC)


  • Direct transfer of Simulink models to a PLC via Simulink Coder
  • Automatic block generation for PLC environment
  • Simulink blocks and blocksets available during PLC logic design
  • PLC functionality extended with new data processing algorithms
  • Bridge between design and industrial application


The M2PLC extends PLC functionality with new data processing algorithms by enabling you to use Simulink as a modeling environment and transfer those algorithms to the PLC. Simulink graphical blocks make design of control and data processing algorithms fast and easy. Logic blocks, FSMs, neural network blocks, filters, and different structure controllers can be developed and translated to C code using Simulink Coder. M2PLC automatically generates PLC executable files from the Simulink Coder generated code, which become blocks in a PLC ladder diagram folder.

The M2PLC interface fully integrates system-level design environment with industrial PLC applications. It is a perfect tool for designers who need to apply complex data processing and control methods to a PLC environment.

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