MOBIL Image Acquisition and Processing

Real-time toolbox for MATLAB and standalone programs


  • B/W and color frame-grabber interface for MATLAB
  • Real-time acquisition and display of images
  • Real-time transfer of images into MATLAB arrays
  • Fast image processing functions and interface
  • Hardware and software delivery
  • Toolbox for MATLAB and standalone programs


Snapped live image of nuts and shells with calculated HIS-histogram

The MOBIL toolbox operates with MATLAB and can be included in standalone programs created by MATLAB Compiler. The toolbox combines MATLAB with the real-time image acquisition of a frame-grabber for processing camera images. The interface displays camera images as stills or live video. A MEX-DLL places function calls for initializing the frame-grabber, changing camera parameters, acquiring and displaying of live images, and transferring images into MATLAB arrays. Further image processing functions are included in the toolbox as fast MEX-DLLs.

MOBIL was developed for applications and users working with live camera images. The frame-grabber hardware and the toolbox with fast DLL's enables real-time image acquisition and processing to be done with MATLAB. MOBIL is delivered for use with MATLAB only, or for use with MATLAB and the MATLAB Compiler to generate standalone programs. Functions of Image Processing Toolbox can be added as an option in a user application program called from the MOBIL interface.


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