NuVinci Core

Simulates continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission functionality in Simulink


  • Evaluate new capabilities for managing torque and speed using NuVinci CVP transmission technology
  • Demonstrate, quantify, and compare the value of adding variability to fixed ratio drives
  • Optimize your vehicle system performance using CVP technology in Simulink models
  • Demonstrate CVP functionality in a variety of power paths
  • Allows for simple connections – place core, and assign inputs, outputs, and shift variables


NuVinci® Core™ is a functional block that allows you to simulate continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission functionality in a driveline system. This block can replace a conventional transmission within a system and provides sizing of the drive based on desired torque capacity.

NuVinci Core is a single C++ S-function block with two parameters, three input ports, and seven output ports that you can connect to Simulink®.

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