Review and analyze any polygraphic sleep/wake recording


  • Compatibility with most existing recording file formats
  • Serial recordings analysis for iterative vigilance tests
  • Spectral, coherency, and heart rate variability analyses
  • Assisted conventional (R&K) sleep stage scoring
  • Automatic event detection and artifact rejection
  • Comprehensive automatic reporting


PRANA is a software package consisting of two toolboxes for extensive reviewing and complete analysis of long-term polysomnographic (PSG) and quantitative electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings. PRANA is designed for efficient signal displaying and makes sleep stage scoring and quantitative analyses easier and quicker. PRANA allows you to visualize and further process time series resulting from ERA analyses or imported from any device. 2- and 3-D graphical representations can be adjusted, displayed on screen, and exported as images or text files.

PRANA is used by physicians to diagnose sleep disorders and by chronobiologists or researchers working in the field of sleep/wake physiology and psychophysiology. PRANA benefits from the high computing capability, graphic quality, and user-friendly interfaces of the MATLAB environment by using MATLAB for the computation, data displaying, and visualization.


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