Experimental Control System Workstations

Advanced laboratory equipment for hands-on controls education


  • Multi-use systems demonstrate introductory and advanced principles
  • Advanced processing to easily implement virtually any controller
  • Family of plants to satisfy all educational needs
  • Turnkey systems set up in minutes
  • Comprehensive experiments and instructor solutions provided
  • High quality construction, easy-to-use architecture


Educational Control Products (ECP) provides advanced laboratory equipment for the study of feedback control systems. Each apparatus may be transformed into several dynamically distinct plants so that one system does the work of many. Most systems can be easily reconfigured for simple SISO to complex MIMO operation. A high-speed I/O control board and powerful interface software allow users to efficiently implement virtually any controller and easily maneuver the system through trajectories to characterize performance. Experiments are provided that cover important introductory through intermediate control system principles and include complete instructor solutions. The systems are used for teaching and research in over 400 universities and industrial sites worldwide. They are used extensively in undergraduate control systems laboratories as well as graduate research and industrial motion control training.

MATLAB® is used in the dynamic analysis of the plants, in system identification and control model generation, and in control system design and analysis. MATLAB scripts and functions and Simulink® models are provided. ECP offers an optional user interface environment developed in collaboration with Quality Real-Time Systems, Inc. utilizing their Real-Time Linux Target package with interface to the control board. The systems may also be operated in the Microsoft Windows® operating system using the MathWorks Real-Time Windows Target product. These two target applications may be used in conjunction with Simulink Coder and Simulink to provide a real-time Simulink environment for control and operation of ECP systems.

Educational Control Products

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  • Linux
  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Lab Experiments


  • Control Systems
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Vibration Analysis and Control


  • Industrial Automation and Machinery