Design and development of TTP-based distributed real-time systems


  • Simulink blockset for TTP communication
  • Simulation of sampling effect of TTP schedule
  • Simulation of message loss using message status flag of FT-COM layer
  • Data exchange with TTP-Plan and TTP-Build
  • Code generation from multiple subsystems for distributed systems
  • Very efficient "high-level" simulation engine that does not require MEDL files


TTP-Matlink provides seamless integration of TTTech's TTP-Tools with MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, and Embedded Coder. Up to now, design and development of distributed real-time systems were a complex and time-consuming task. This has changed radically with the new TTP-Matlink blockset. Now application designs with MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow can be simulated as distributed applications. After the design phase, the behavior of a TTP system is simulated and modeled accurately, which enables designers to define better-optimized control algorithms.

In addition, the automatic code generation features of TTP-Matlink support rapid prototyping and production code generation for distributed, fault-tolerant real-time systems. Embedded Coder generates control algorithm code according to the simulation results. TTP-Matlink interfaces with TTP-Tools to generate the complete fault-tolerant communication layer. It also configures the operating system to execute the control laws. Thus, the output of TTP-Matlink is completely automated, generating code for all nodes. This code can be downloaded and calibrated via TTP-Tools.

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