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Real-Time Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Stimulation Unit for MATLAB


  • Stimulation unit and paradigm parser for brain and life sciences
  • Library for standard neuro- and psycho-physiological paradigms
  • Accurate timing for visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation
  • Trigger inputs and outputs for synchronization with external devices
  • Logging of responses and real-time biofeedback to the subject/patient


g.STIMunit is a real-time visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation unit for MATLAB® that consists of a paradigm parser, which allows for the setup of user-specific paradigms. Auditory stimulation, such as music, speech, or tones, can be presented to the subjects in real time. Using visual stimulation with text, pictures, and moving objects allows researchers to set up different tests and simulations in brain and life sciences. The stimulation unit has several analog and digital inputs for adding external signals (e.g., biosignals, acceleration, motion, switch) and analog and digital outputs for the control (and synchronization) of external devices. Parameters can be extracted in real time. The stimulation unit is compatible with g.tec's biosignal products.

The stimulation system uses the MATLAB environment with powerful graphical modules for the setup of brain and life science applications.

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