Intel CoFluent Studio

Electronic system-level (ESL) modeling and simulation


  • Mapping of functional model onto execution platform model
  • Multiprocessor, multicore, and multitask real-time behavior modeling
  • Agile architecture exploration
  • Early performance estimation
  • System-level power optimization
  • Transaction-level SystemC code generation


Intel® CoFluent Studio is a system-level modeling and simulation toolset that enables embedded device and chip designers to imagine and validate new concepts and architectures. Intel CoFluent Studio generates SystemC transactional models from graphics and standard C describing complex multi-OS, multicore systems in consumer electronics and telecommunications. Intel CoFluent Studio can be used to model and simulate the behavior, timing requirements, architecture, and performance estimates (loads, power, memory, cost) of any electronic system: hardware IP, embedded software application, or mixed hardware and software multiprocessor system. Use cases of the system are also modeled so the automatically generated transaction-level SystemC code can be used as a verification test bench.

The toolset uses intuitive graphical notations to describe behaviors. Undefined algorithms can be represented in Intel CoFluent Studio models in terms of their execution time, while detailed algorithms can be brought in as MATLAB® code or ANSI C code. Intel CoFluent Studio enables the cosimulation of the generated SystemC model and algorithms written in MATLAB code. Platforms are built by assembling generic models of universal components such as processors, integrated circuits, memories, buses, and interfaces. Each generic model provides variable parameters to easily adjust its behavior and performance characteristics. Intel CoFluent Studio offers broad flexibility in architecture exploration through the mapping (or allocation) of system functions to platform execution resources for describing the complete hardware/software partitioning, and the variation of various user-defined or predefined parameters (e.g., processor clock, bus bandwidth, and algorithm execution time). Intel CoFluent Studio allows for behavioral and performance estimation without the need for embedded software application code, firmware, or a precise description of the platform with models of each component/IP core.

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Embedded Systems
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