DT8824 High Stability Ethernet Instrument Module

High-stability, high-accuracy, Ethernet data acquisition module


  • ISO-Channel™ technology, which provides ±500 V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel
  • Four simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels for high-resolution measurements
  • Effective input ranges: ±10 V, ±1.25 V, ±0.625 V, or ±0.3125 V
  • Sampling frequency of up to 4800 Hz per channel
  • CMRR of greater than 150 dB
  • Temperature coefficient of ±0.05 µV/° C


The DT8824 offers the highest stability and accuracy for measuring analog signals. Every signal input, both analog and digital, is fully isolated. This technology, ISOChannel™, guarantees that all signals are protected from any environmental or system noise. The high-stability design of the DT8824 allows 10 ppm accuracy, a temperature coefficient of ±0.05 μV/°C, and a CMRR of greater than 150 dB, and delivers superior data acquisition results. The TCP/IP Ethernet operation allows measurements to be monitored locally or at other remote sites. Up to 16 instrument modules can be stacked for parallel operation of 64 voltage inputs. These modules are synchronized via the Wired Trigger Bus and can be externally triggered in various ways. The DT8824 is ideally suited for chromatography, seismic, weigh scale, and medical applications, where accuracy and stability are imperative. The rugged, compact module can be used as a portable device or mounted in a rack.

Using MATLAB® and Instrument Control Toolbox™, users can directly access the functions of Data Translation’s DT8824 instrument module from MATLAB. Instrument Control Toolbox communicates with DT measurement instruments through a MATLAB instrument driver (DT8824_DT8824.mdd), which utilizes the underlying DT8824 IVI-COM driver. The instrument driver is included at no charge along with the Data Translation hardware. Example programs are provided to illustrate how to use MATLAB with the IVI-COM driver.

The DT8824 IVI-COM driver provided by Data Translation must be installed to use Instrument Control Toolbox with a DT8824. The DT8824 IVI-COM driver is used with the MATLAB driver (DT8824_DT8824.mdd). Example programs are provided to illustrate how to use MATLAB with the IVI-COM driver.

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