All-rounder for rapid control prototyping


  • High-performance prototyping platform with dual power PC architecture
  • Robust, compact, and automotive-proven technology
  • All-on-board concept with integrated signal conditioning and power stages
  • Flexibly expandable via FPGA-Technology
  • Tool chain optimized for model-based software design
  • Integrated data logger and seamless integration with Simulink block diagrams


The PROtroniC TopLINE is a high-performance prototyping platform designed for the model-based development of control functions and software. It allows new ideas and concepts to be tested and optimized on embedded real-time hardware at early development stages. The integrated development environment enables the user to transfer development results onto the target control unit at a later stage without any break in the tool chain – from the function design phase, offline simulation, and automated code generation right through to the final phase of measurement and calibration. The PROtroniC TopLINE has been designed for in-vehicle prototyping applications, and for use in the laboratory and on the test bench. Its modular and configurable hardware features a PowerPC® processor with 1 GHz processing power and double-precision floating-point unit reserved for processing the application software, as well as comprehensive I/O interfaces based on FPGA technology. Automotive sensors and actuators can be connected through the integrated signal conditioning and power stages.

Users can adjust the hardware according to their requirements using configuration software designed by Schaeffler Engineering. The company provides a comprehensive graphical block library – the ACI (Application Controller Interface) – for the automatic implementation of MATLAB® and Simulink® models on the PROtroniC TopLINE. It can be used in conjunction with Embedded Coder® to generate production C code. Changes to the function model can be carried out quickly once the generated code has been downloaded to the real-time hardware at the touch of a button. After creating an executable rapid prototype, the user can start fine-tuning the control functions with the help of an appropriate tool. 

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Required Products


  • Windows


  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Telephone

Product Type

  • Embedded Hardware - MCU, DSP, FPGA
  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Thermodynamics


  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Rail, Ships, and Other Transportation