DPA Workstation

Side channel analysis platform


  • Protects cryptographic devices used for payments, government, and other applications against side channel attacks, including SPA, DPA, and EM-based variants
  • Enables product manufacturers, purchasers, and evaluation laboratories to perform side channel testing
  • Includes device interface and data collection environments
  • Implements advanced signal processing and visualization capabilities
  • Includes analysis capabilities for AES, DES, RSA, ECC, multiplication primitives, and others
  • Hypothesis generation and optimized DPA analysis utilities


Cryptography Research's DPA Workstation is a powerful and flexible side channel analysis platform for companies wishing to perform SPA and DPA security testing. Security chip vendors, product manufacturers, testing labs, and government organizations rely on the DPA Workstation to evaluate and certify their secure SoCs, smart cards, and other semiconductors.

The DPA Workstation includes the hardware, software, and training needed to perform a wide range of power analysis and security tests. The standard configuration of a DPA Workstation includes customized test fixtures and Cryptography Research’s proprietary DPA software suite with source code. Customers can obtain the SASEBO-GII board to enable FPGA testing. Each DPA Workstation is delivered with a PC, high-speed PCI data acquisition hardware, and a PC-controlled external oscilloscope. Cryptography Research also provides an in-depth training course covering both theoretical and practical aspects of SPA and DPA attacks.

The workstation includes preinstalled and preconfigured software packages including an option for MATLAB®. The software includes a MATLAB interactive tool that allows users to graphically define filters and save for use by the system.  These filters are applied to the measured data which can then be viewed in both the time and frequency domains.

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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
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