Rapid Recursive Toolbox

Professional valuation and dynamic programming decision support software


  • Compose, error-check, solve, and report the results of discrete-time sequential decision problems
  • Solves problems with real options, interactions with market conditions, and asymmetric risks
  • Support for two widely-used solver algorithms: value function iteration and policy improvement
  • User access through graphical and command-line interfaces and extensive error-checking tools
  • Solution templates for topics in economics, finance, valuation, real options, real estate, and more
  • Flexible reporting tools create custom tables and graphs, which can be saved in popular formats


The Rapid Recursive™ Toolbox provides patent-pending tools that compose, check, and solve sequential decision problems, and report the results in a clear manner.  These tools have been tailored for use in investment, valuation, and financial decisions but are general enough to be used in a broad range of applications in engineering, computer science, control systems, agriculture, and biology, as well as for medical decision making and operations research.

The sequential decision problems that are handled by the Rapid Recursive Toolbox are also known as discrete-time Markov decision problems, dynamic programming problems, stochastic control problems, or recursive problems. The tools includes a broad range of industry-specific solution templates covering topics in economics, finance, valuation, real options, real estate management, natural resources, and economic policy, which can be modified by licensed users for their academic, personal, or business use. The reporting tools produce customizable tables and graphs, and the ability to publish a report in a variety of formats including Web pages (HTML), .doc (Microsoft® Word®), and .pdf (Adobe® Acrobat).

Rapid Recursive™ Toolbox is delivered as a MATLAB toolbox, and includes extensive support, including a User’s Guide, Guide to Recursive Models, and online help desk.

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Product Type

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
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  • Investment Modeling


  • Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
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