Cosimulate a high fidelity mechanical system model with a Simulink controller


  • Advanced multibody dynamic simulation
  • CAD geometry used to naturally define contacts, joints, and forces
  • Perform multi-domain analysis through co-simulation
  • Detailed mechanical models are represented as a plant block in Simulink
  • Assembly can include flexible bodies based on mesh and modes


RecurDyn is CAE software that is focused on MultiBody Dynamics (MBD) while also offering multiphysics solutions. The RecurDyn technology has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on a recursive formulation. The core is MultiFlexible Body Dynamics (MFBD) that combines a multibody dynamics solver and a nonlinear finite element method solver at the integrator level. RecurDyn supports other multidisciplinary CAE technologies such as control system modeling and nonlinear system-level optimization. RecurDyn provides the efficiency gains of process automation through a wide variety of application toolkits. Users can create their own custom applications using the bundled ProcessNet environment.

RecurDyn provides a unique MFBD analysis capability that combines MBD with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods in order to simulate moving assemblies of rigid and flexible bodies. The user can determine the detailed dynamic stress and strain within the context of a system-level analysis, including the time-varying inertial forces.

There are two types of flexible bodies that are supported with MFBD. The first type, called RFlex, is a simplified representation that is based on modal data generated by external FEA software. The second type, called FFlex, are based upon an FE mesh, where all nodal DOFs are retained.

Users can create mechanical models such as vehicles, robots, and machinery using RecurDyn. Then users can run cosimulations with RecurDyn and Simulink using an S-Function interface.

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