Roboholic Maniacs Arduino Toolbox

Easily program Arduino controllers from Simulink


  • Complements existing robotic hardware solutions
  • Can be used with standalone components
  • Requires minimal coding experience in Simulink®
  • Tested on hundreds of robots
  • Tested on Arduino Uno and Mega microcontrollers


Roboholic Maniacs Library for Simulink allows users to easily program Arduino controllers from Simulink. The library contains blocks for the following components:

  • DHT humidity and temperature sensor
  • Encoder sensor
  • MPU6050 sensor
  • 4 wire touch screen
  • 5 wire touch screen
  • LCD display

Roboholic Maniacs Arduino Toolbox allows students and hobbyists to easily develop automation and robotics projects. The custom-made Simulink block allows seamless integration and code development for Arduino applications. They are also compatible with our pre-packaged robotic platforms.

Electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, biomedical, computer engineering, and computer science professionals as well as hobbyists can benefit from the toolbox. The toolbox is also great for training automation and control in industrial applications.

Our product is a Simulink add-on. It is a set of custom-made blocks (sensors and actuators) that facilitate programming, in the Simulink environment, for Arduino controllers.

Roboholic Maniacs

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  • Embedded Software - Tools, IDE, RTOS


  • Control Systems
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