STM32 Embedded Target for MATLAB and Simulink

Peripheral blockset and optimized code for STM32F4 MCUs using MATLAB and Simulink


  • Optimized code generation for ARM Cortex-M core in STM32 devices
  • Peripheral driver blocks for STM32F4 devices, including A/D, GPIO, USART, and timers
  • Automated Software- and Processor-in-the-Loop (SIL, PIL) testing
  • IAR EWARM, Atollic TRUEStudio, and Keil MDK-ARM compiler toolchains support


The STM32 Embedded Target enables systems and software engineers to quickly deploy their application models in MATLAB® and Simulink® to STM32 MCUs. The target leverages ARM CMSIS optimizations for Embedded Coder® to generate code that is highly optimized for STM32 devices. The STM32 Embedded Target lets you verify and profile STM32 F4 execution results versus Simulink simulation behavior using PIL testing. It provides a Simulink blockset library containing STM32 F4 peripherals that are configured for integration and immediate use with algorithm code generated by Embedded Coder. The process from code generation to programming is fully automated and integrated as part of the push-button code generation process.  EWARM (IAR), TrueSTUDIO (Atollic) or Keil MDK (ARM) toolchains can be used. (The toolchains themselves are not provided with the target.)

These capabilities and functionalities are available as soon as STM32F4xx product folder and subfolders are added to the MATLAB path. Specific files included in the distribution are Simulink blockset libraries for STM32 F4 peripherals, Embedded Coder STM32 F4 configuration files (STM32F4xx.tmf and STM32F4xx.tlc), and PIL serial rtIOStream and profiling functionalities.

For more information see the STM Embedded Target product page from STMicroelectronics.

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