TRACE32 PowerView

Debugging and rapid prototyping of embedded systems


  • Perform processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing for AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR projects
  • Easily navigate between TRACE32 PowerView and Simulink ®
  • Show code of selected Simulink block in TRACE32 PowerView
  • Highlight Simulink block related to selected source code line
  • Automatically start TRACE32 PowerView for embedded hardware configuration and for software download after code generation
  • Perform high-level debugging: set and manage block and signal breakpoints


TRACE32 is a set of high-performance microprocessor development tools offered by Lauterbach GmbH. The modular hardware and software solutions support more than 60 processor architectures. The TRACE32 PowerView Integrated Development Environment offers intuitive, consistent, and fast access to debug and trace information. Advanced debug features, profiling, support of multicore and multi-CPU systems, and support of almost every RTOS facilitate the analysis of system performance and ensure the quality of embedded designs. To ensure compatibility with the embedded system's debug port, Lauterbach's smart debug probe PowerDebug supports all current on-chip debugging standards, including JTAG, BDM, and OCDS.

All features offered by the TRACE32 PowerView Integration for Simulink are supported by the latest release of TRACE32 PowerView. A PowerDebug probe is sufficient for accessing the embedded system hardware. Trace information can also be simultaneously recorded via a PowerTrace module. A TRACE32 library for Simulink enables users to adapt the start-up behavior of TRACE32 PowerView and to customize the embedded system configuration. The seamless integration into the Simulink code generation process supports rapid prototyping and helps to reduce turnaround times. The TRACE32 PowerView Integration for Simulink offers menu extensions for both Simulink and PowerView to facilitate the navigation between the tools and to enable high-level debugging.

The integration includes built-in configurations that support popular Freescale Power Architecture and Infinion Tricore devices. Contact Lauterbach for the specific devices supported and capabilities to extend the integration to other hardware.

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