Vision Elements Consulting Services

Accelerating and de-risking scientific, computer vision, and artificial intelligence missions


  • Reduced ramp-up time: Bringing a proven track record to augment any task force
  • Rapid innovation leverage: Pre-developed code libraries to get a project to market up to 50% faster
  • Protected intellectual property: The IP is 100% yours. Keep all secrets safe and legally protected.
  • Complete budget control: Flexible retainer model allows you to set the pace according to project milestones
  • Think agile: Vision Elements focuses on deliverables that show progress and enable fine-tuning of customer priorities
  • Long-term success: Having more than fifteen years of experience, Vision Elements provides a stable team you can rely on 


Vision Elements offers a solution to your tech talent needs. Our team of computational scientists has more than 100 years of accumulated experience in electro optics, computer vision, remote sensing, signal processing, and artificial intelligence.

Our clients come from a wide range of public and private sectors, including medical imaging, homeland security, satellite and aerial imaging, consumer, industrial inspection, and more. In the last decade, we helped our clients raise over 140M in funding, and we have celebrated some very large exits based on our jointly developed projects.

The flexible model from Vision Elements enables customers to expedite their go-to-market plan by strengthening their existing product development team. The company helps clients tackle the most complex computer vision/artificial intelligence challenges. Companies can hire a whole team of data scientists rapidly for defined periods of time. The team has a track record of solving proof-of-concept problems, turning their passion into real-life solutions.

Vision Elements has been successfully using MATLAB® and Simulink® products for algorithm development and prototyping for their clients with computational needs for several years.


Vision Elements

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Vision Elements

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Service Type

  • Consulting Services


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • GPS, Mapping and Navigation
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • MATLAB Programming
  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices