MATLAB Web Desktop

MATLAB Online provides access to the MATLAB desktop and full MATLAB language support from any standard web browser. The MATLAB desktop is an interactive environment for developing algorithms and analyzing data.

You can use 2D and 3D plots and graphs to visualize data. MATLAB apps let you perform scientific computing tasks in different domains like image processing, signal processing, control system analysis, statistics and optimization.

Web Desktop to Analyze and Visualize Data

Cloud Storage and Synchronization

The files and data you create are stored on MATLAB Drive, and are available anywhere, from any computer you use to access MATLAB Online. MATLAB Drive Connector synchronizes your files between your computers and MATLAB Online, eliminating the need to manually upload or download content. With MATLAB Drive Connector installed, you can go to the MATLAB Drive folder on your computer to access existing files, or drag in new files to add them to your MATLAB Drive.

Your MATLAB session persists across computers so you can pause your work on one machine and resume it on another. Your files and workspace are also available through the MATLAB Mobile app, which lets you perform simple calculations and prototyping by connecting to the cloud from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

MATLAB Online manages file history so you can view older versions of a file and roll back changes as necessary.

Collaboration Through Sharing and Publishing

You can share your files and data with other MATLAB Online users. You can also publish and host MATLAB files as formatted HTML or PDF documents. Published documents can be shared with anyone, even if they do not have access to MATLAB.

Share and Publish MATLAB Files

No Downloads or Installations

By running MATLAB Online, you eliminate the need to download or install software. Plus, you’re always using the latest version of MATLAB.