Tools for Transitioning to R2014b Graphics

Missing Graphics Updater

Update your code to work with the MATLAB graphics changes in R2014b

The MATLAB Graphics Updater app checks MATLAB files for code that requires updating in order to work with the MATLAB graphics changes introduced in R2014b. It produces an interactive HTML report with a list of possible issues, help dialogs with descriptions of the issues, and the recommended solutions. For some issues, the app can automatically replace the current code with the recommended solution.

Missing Graphics Finder

Analyze MATLAB figures for missing graphics objects

The Missing Graphics Finder app detects when graphics objects are obscured behind uipanels within a figure. The app analyzes all open MATLAB figures and apps and generates a list of objects that are hidden behind panels. To fix them, set the uipanel as the parent of the hidden graphics object. This fix is compatible with previous versions of MATLAB.