R2023b Prerelease at a Glance

Discover What's New

Take an early look at R2023b with the Prerelease.

Major Updates

  • Aerospace Toolbox – Propagate and visualize orbits of satellite constellations; perform line-of-sight (LOS) and eclipse analyses.
  • Datafeed Toolbox – Receive historical and market data using the Bloomberg Hypermedia API.
  • Predictive Maintenance Toolbox – Extract physics-based features from motors and rotating machinery.
  • Wavelet Toolbox – Apply wavelet and time-frequency analysis using apps; use automatic feature extraction for AI workflows.

Release Highlights


  • Experiment Manager App: Design experiments to run MATLAB code; visualize, filter, and compare results.
  • MATLAB on Macs: Better performance and improved battery life on MacBooks with MATLAB and Simulink running natively on Apple silicon.
  • Live Editor Tasks: Create a Live Editor task from selected code with interactive controls.
  • Live Editor Tables: Add tables containing text and images to live scripts and functions.
  • Live Editor Controls: Add color pickers and state buttons to live scripts.
  • export Function: Convert live scripts and functions to Markdown files and Jupyter notebooks.
  • Pivot Table Live Editor Task: Summarize tabular data in a pivoted table interactively.
  • Source Control API: Interact with Git source control programmatically.
  • Build Automation: Use premade tasks to define common build actions.


  • Simulation I/O: Import and export signal data to or from CSV files or MDF files.
  • Signal Editor: Cut, copy, and paste signal data to or from Excel files.
  • Source Control: Interact with Git source control programmatically.
  • Unbounded Data: Simulate and generate C++ code for dynamically sized signals in Simulink models with MATLAB algorithms.
  • FMU Import Block: Import Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) defined in FMI 3 specifications and generate code.

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