R2013b Release Highlights


Release 2013b includes:

  • New releases of MATLAB and Simulink
  • Two new products, Polyspace Bug Finder and Polyspace Code Prover
  • Updates and bug fixes to 79 other products

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MATLAB Product Family Highlights

Simulink Product Family Highlights

  • Simulink®: Editor enhancements including transparent subsystem preview, line crossings and "comment through" blocks
  • Simulink: New block for incorporating MATLAB System objects in Simulink models
  • Simulink: Arduino enhancements including support for Mac OS X, Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino Nano hardware
  • Simulink: Native modeling of single-precision designs
  • Simscape™: Block libraries for modeling thermal liquid systems
  • SimPowerSystems™: Block libraries based on Third Generation technology, fully utilizing Simscape capabilities
  • Simulink Verification and Validation™: Requirements linking and traceability for MATLAB code

Polyspace Product Family Highlights

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

Code Generation and Implementation

  • HDL Coder™ and Embedded Coder®: Integrated C and HDL code generation and workflow support for Xilinx Zynq and Zedboard
  • Embedded Coder®: ARM Cortex-M optimized code from Simulink and DSP System Toolbox
  • Simulink Coder™: Creation of multi-level password protected Simulink models
  • HDL Coder™: Support for user authored MATLAB system objects and incremental code generation for Model Reference blocks
  • MATLAB Coder™: Support for 64-bit integers, software-in-the-loop (SIL) verification with Embedded Coder, and probability distributions in Statistics Toolbox
  • Fixed-Point Designer™: Long long integer data type for efficient simulation and generated code for 64-bit processors
  • Simulink Code Inspector™: Support for Stateflow objects and classic action language

Release Notes by Product

* Indicates major update

Polyspace® Product Family