Polyspace Static Analysis

Static Analysis with Polyspace Products

Detect and prove the absence of run-time errors in your source code using static analysis with Polyspace products.

A Solution for Every Stage in Your Workflow

Use Polyspace Bug Finder™ to locate defects and triage and fix bugs early in the development process. Use Polyspace Code Prover™ to prove the absence of run-time errors in C and C++ source code.

Find Bugs Early and Reduce Your Costs

Bugs found during testing are 10 times more expensive than bugs found during coding, and bugs found during production cost 100 times more to fix.

Polyspace static analysis can help you find coding errors earlier in your development cycle, reducing potential costs.

In 2014, an estimated 5.5 million cars on the road were recalled due to software errors. This represents millions of dollars in loss for the industry.

Locate All Bugs

As software becomes more complex, it becomes increasingly vital to locate every error.

Polyspace can help: It offers a simple solution for exhaustively verifying complex code.

Complete Projects Faster

By finding bugs early, and by comprehensively verifying all code, Polyspace helps you save time on your projects.

On average, Polyspace can help software developers and quality engineers reduce development time by 12%.

Polyspace Applications

Address Embedded Security: Identify security vulnerabilities and mitigate risks in accordance with CWE and CERT C.

Detect Run-Time Errors: Detect and debug elusive defects to improve software quality metrics.

Comply with Coding Standards: Check for compliance to coding standards such as MISRA.

Learn About Polyspace

See how Polyspace products can improve your software development workflow.

Use Polyspace Bug Finder to:

  • Verify compliance with coding standards
  • Identify software defects and security vulnerabilities
  • Produce code metrics and monitor software quality

Use Polyspace Code Prover to:

  • Detect run-time errors and prove their absence
  • Track control and data flow information
  • Create certification artifacts

Use Polyspace Products for Ada to:

  • Prove the absence of run-time errors in Ada code
  • Ensure that quality objectives are met
  • View range information to determine variable ranges

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