Simulink Real-Time

Build, run, and test real-time applications

  • Simulink Real-Time Overview

    Build, run, and test real-time applications using Simulink Real-Time.

Simulink Real-Time™ lets you create real-time applications from Simulink® models and run them on dedicated target computer hardware connected to your physical system. It supports real-time simulation and testing, including rapid control prototyping, DSP and vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.

With Simulink Real-Time you can extend your Simulink models with driver blocks, automatically generate real-time applications, define instrumentation, and perform interactive or automated runs on a dedicated target computer equipped with a real-time kernel, multicore CPU, I/O and protocol interfaces, and FPGAs.

Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target computer hardware are expressly designed to work together to create real-time systems for desktop, lab, and field environments. Simulink Real-Time can also be used with custom target computer and I/O hardware.

Related Products

For Rapid Control Prototyping:

For DSP and Vision System Prototyping:

For Hardware-in-the-Loop(HIL) Simulation:

For Subsystem Acceleration with FPGAs:

For Real-Time Production Code Simulation:

Required Products

The following products are required for Simulink Real-Time:


Simulink Real-Time is commonly used for:

  • Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation
  • DSP and Vision System Prototyping

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Simulink Real-Time News

Cochlear Ltd. Streamlines Development of Cochlear Implant Sound Processing Algorithms

“MATLAB, Simulink, and Simulink Real-Time provide a robust, flexible, and efficient means of integrating the many different technologies that cochlear implants require. We identify the best ideas faster, and our recipients experience the improvements in real-time tests, which are essential to our research” – Dr. John Heasman, Cochlear Limited

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